Urban Dictionary Content Guidelines

Urban Dictionary is made by a community of millions, including you. Anybody can post a definition, but in order to keep things fun for everyone, we ask that you follow a few ground rules:

  • Write for a large audience. When defining a word, make sure to provide enough context for other people to understand what it means and how it’s typically used. Need a little help? Look to our Word of the Day for some examples.

  • Be creative. Some of the best definitions on Urban Dictionary find humorous ways to poke fun at authority, or put a clever twist on current events. Some of them are just straight up weird. We’re okay with that.

  • Have fun. We are not a traditional dictionary. This is a place where language has a little more space to be explored and constructed freely, in the moment.


  • Don’t post personal information. That includes obvious things like last names and addresses, but we will also remove definitions containing first names or user handles if they can be used to identify and target specific individuals for harassment.

  • Don’t be an asshole. We are okay with people defining offensive words. After all, people use offensive words in the real world and a resource for understanding what those words mean can be valuable. However, we are not—and never will be—okay with people using a definition to harass, discriminate, and/or directly incite violence against others.

If you notice anything on Urban Dictionary that you believe falls outside of these guidelines, please flag it for review.